[RC5] Supressing distributed.net client Output window.

Philippe Faure philippe at faure.ca
Mon Sep 29 15:58:50 EDT 2008

I am running a dos script that runs force_unlock to make sure that all  
buffers are available to be used by my clients.

Every time the script runs, it opens up the distributed.net client  
window for 15 seconds. then closes and then opens a new window for the  
next buffer.

I was wondering I was wondering if there was a way to avoid that  
output window from opening? I am outputing the results to a log file  
already, so it isn't showing me anything.

I have tried to use the -quiet and -hide parameters, but that doesn't  
help.  Here is the command that I am running.

dnetc.exe -forceunlock buff-in.r72 -l forced_unlock.txt

thank you


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