[RC5] Supressing distributed.net client Output window.

Mike Reiprich reiprim at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 20:27:09 EDT 2008

I have a fairly similar command in a .bat file.  If I run the file manually, 
I get the 15 second window as you mention.  However, I run the bat file 
several times a day in a scheduled task and get no screen output.  The 
scheduled task runs as a different user than the one I am logged in as. 
Hope this may be an option for you?

Team Monkey Up

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Subject: [RC5] Supressing distributed.net client Output window.

>I am running a dos script that runs force_unlock to make sure that all
> buffers are available to be used by my clients.
> Every time the script runs, it opens up the distributed.net client
> window for 15 seconds. then closes and then opens a new window for the
> next buffer.
> I was wondering I was wondering if there was a way to avoid that
> output window from opening? I am outputing the results to a log file
> already, so it isn't showing me anything.
> I have tried to use the -quiet and -hide parameters, but that doesn't
> help.  Here is the command that I am running.
> dnetc.exe -forceunlock buff-in.r72 -l forced_unlock.txt
> thank you
> Philippe
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