[RC5] CUDA for Windows

Dead J. Dona deadjdona at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 04:12:50 EDT 2009

> I thought that the CUDA client was supposed to be eyeball scorching
> fast.  I have an AMD Phenom II box that runs Windows XP Pro and the Dnet
> client.  Around 50,000 in RC5-72 is the usual throughput,

you mean 50k blocks per day?

> It has an NVidia GTX 8400 chipset for video and so I thought I'd install
> the new client and the CUDA 2.0 drivers and tools to see some of that
> performance that people passing me seem to be using...
> After benchmarking to make sure I was using the fastest client, I got
> numbers in the 19,500 range and ran Core 3 as the (slightly) fastest.  It
> churns along at about 20,000 when the box is doing nothing else.

GPU client can crunch blocks that 16 times larger than CPU blocks. Check

> All that to say, if I run the CUDA client, I only get 20K and when I run
> the regular Windows client on the Phenom II, I am getting 50K.  Big
> disappointment.

Please run dnetc.exe -bench for cpu and gpu cliens and post results here.

> Can't seem to run both (though I wonder why),

dnetc.exe -multiok

wbr, Me.  Dead J. Dona
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