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Dead J. Dona deadjdona at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 10:28:06 EDT 2009

This is a very good idea!

Just having a similar thoughts about other project, 17oB

http:// <http://www.free-dc.org/forum/showpost.php?p=135983&postcount=6>
www.free-dc.org/forum/showpost.php?p=135983&postcount=6 - here.

You are absolutely right. Without minimum 2 news in a week on a main page
website is dead. Or looking dead, that's the same.

Also I have another question for d.net administration. It's stats related.

Can't keep ontopic and asking right here.

Boinc projects have ability to export stats in xml format, so alot of stats
sites grab them few times a day and shows nice graphs and other stuff. I
suppose you all seeing boinc at least once and everybody knows about
stats.free-dc.org, boincstats.com and a lot of others.

So the idea is to export d.net stats in xml format (like boinc does), so it
can be show's on a dozen of stats websites. This can attract more crunchers,
and d.net don't need to bother about adding new features to their stats
system. (I love it very much, but it not changed for DECADES, in internet
measures this is prehistoric era).

This must be done once a day, and this is not difficult.

Hope to hear from d.net admins.

wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona
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