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steven_nikkel at ertyu.org steven_nikkel at ertyu.org
Fri Apr 24 11:26:26 EDT 2009

There actually is several XML outputs, I'm not sure where or if they are
documented, but poking around cvs reveals tmember_xml.php,
tmsummary_xml.php, psummary_xml.php . There might be other stuff as well.

> The distributed.net stats used to have a "raw output" option that was
> designed to make it simpler for web scrapers to pull their stats out
> and work with them locally, but most of the raw pages were lost when
> we migrated to the "next gen" stats system and have never been
> replicated in the "new" codebase (now over five years old, I think).
> That said...
> http://cvs.distributed.net/viewvc.cgi/stats-html/
> ...the stats code is open source and if anyone wants to put the time
> in to produce xml format output the contribution would be happily
> accepted and put into production.
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