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Nuno Rodrigues nunor at akki.lu
Fri Apr 24 14:14:13 EDT 2009

I searched the .plans and found this:


Thanks to Simon T. we've got another XML export in our stable.
The Participant Summary page is now available as an XML export.
The new page can be reached at:


The page takes the following arguments [as query string parameters]:
id = The participant ID
project_id = The project ID [25 == OGR-25, 8 == RC5-72]
show_friends = Include friend statistics in a <friends> element
show_neighbors = Include neighbor statistics in a <neighbors> element

An example can be seen here:

Hopefully over the next few weeks/months we'll get a more robust 
implementation to allow all of our statistics pages to be viewed in XML 
form, making life much easier for those 3rd party statistics web sites 
to grab their core data.

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> There actually is several XML outputs, I'm not sure where or if they are
> documented, but poking around cvs reveals tmember_xml.php,
> tmsummary_xml.php, psummary_xml.php . There might be other stuff as well.
>> The distributed.net stats used to have a "raw output" option that was
>> designed to make it simpler for web scrapers to pull their stats out
>> and work with them locally, but most of the raw pages were lost when
>> we migrated to the "next gen" stats system and have never been
>> replicated in the "new" codebase (now over five years old, I think).
>> That said...
>> http://cvs.distributed.net/viewvc.cgi/stats-html/
>> ...the stats code is open source and if anyone wants to put the time
>> in to produce xml format output the contribution would be happily
>> accepted and put into production.
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