[RC5] Uninstalling windows client

Kevin G. McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Wed Aug 12 10:47:11 EDT 2009


If you are running the client as a service, just kill the process in the 
task list, then overwrite the old EXE with the new one.

Restart the process in the services list or reboot.

If it won't start or is missing from the services list after a reboot, 
then you'll have to run the dnet client in a DOS box like so:

dnetc -install
dnetc -svcstart

If you are not running the client as a service, just overwrite the exe 
with the new version and restart.

The client may gripe if the I/O files are from a really old client, so 
you may want to flush first, if your installation is not too sideways.

No magic involved, and you don't really need to deinstall-reinstall.

I have been running the client on hundreds of machines since the late 
90's and I don't think I have ever used the deinstall.

Best regards,

Kevin G. McCoy

Zoe Parsons wrote:
> Hi I just tried to uninstall the client from one of my windows machines 
> and it fails to do so every time.
> First I get a "Please wait whilst windows configures distributed.net 
> client" which is then followed by a very rapidly disappearing 
> "cancelling".
> I tried installing a new copy over the top in case anything had been 
> screwed up in the installer but nope.
> Any suggestions?

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