[RC5] Speed pages

Bob Steward n76lima at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 23 18:33:22 EST 2009

>Subject: [RC5] Speed pages
>On the speed page is the speeds for either steam client or the cuda
>client going to be added(with a new column for video cards?) ? With the
>clients moving along I feel the need to have those comparisons between
>the two added in,bet that would be very interesting to look at.

There needs to be a breakdown not only by Chipset Model Number, but by 
BRAND of manufacture for the card.  Not all "NVidia" cards are equal, even 
if they have the same RAM and the same NVidia chipset.

I found this out the hard way when Fry's had the GT-280 cards on sale, and 
I bought a BFTech 1 GB RAM card, thinking it was going to equal my existing 
280 card by EVGA, which had the exact same chipset and RAM.  The BFTech 
card is about 25% slower running the same CUDA and DNetC software (even 
swapped cards in the same machine).

So a listing of cards by the Chipset Model Number may not be as informative 
as one would expect!

Bob Steward
Birmingham, AL 

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