[RC5] Speed pages

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Wed Dec 23 19:01:30 EST 2009

Bob Steward wrote:
>> Subject: [RC5] Speed pages
>> On the speed page is the speeds for either steam client or the cuda
>> client going to be added(with a new column for video cards?) ? With the
>> clients moving along I feel the need to have those comparisons between
>> the two added in,bet that would be very interesting to look at.
>> Bert
> There needs to be a breakdown not only by Chipset Model Number, but by 
> BRAND of manufacture for the card.  Not all "NVidia" cards are equal, even 
> if they have the same RAM and the same NVidia chipset.
> I found this out the hard way when Fry's had the GT-280 cards on sale, and 
> I bought a BFTech 1 GB RAM card, thinking it was going to equal my existing 
> 280 card by EVGA, which had the exact same chipset and RAM.  The BFTech 
> card is about 25% slower running the same CUDA and DNetC software (even 
> swapped cards in the same machine).
> So a listing of cards by the Chipset Model Number may not be as informative 
> as one would expect!

definitely sounds like the BFTech card has a custom or earlier BIOS that doesn't 
use all of the capabilities of the GPU on the card...

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