[RC5] submitting new processors

Steven Nikkel steven_nikkel at ertyu.org
Tue Feb 10 20:18:19 EST 2009

We value the bug reports as without them we wouldn't be able support many 
CPUs properly. We try to get fixes completed as soon as possible, but 
it may take some time for changes in source to trickle out in new 
clients builds. We are also hampered by incomplete information and 
changes Intel/AMD etc. make without documentation as well as a lack of 
time from our volunteers.

To complete the fix we absolutely require the complete client outputs 
generated when run with the -cpuinfo option as well as -bench. These must
be from the latest client version, often the pre-release version.

Sometimes the newest version is not available for the platform the reporter is 
using, as such we may have to wait for information from a newer build.

Because we don't have direct access to the hardware, we cannot test the 
fixes, as such there are sometimes cases were we don't get it right the 
first time.

> It takes ages to get anything done, then it's trouble because they don't
understand a thing (claiming a client is already released that
recognizes this CPU when it isn't) and that trouble takes another age.
In my humble opinion, don't bother.

On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 21:02 +0100, distributed at rharmsen.nl wrote:
> Create a bugreport on http://bugs.distributed.net/ with the
> information you get from running:
> Dnetc ÿÿcpuinfo
> And
> Dnetc -benchmark
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> Onderwerp: [RC5] submitting new processors
> I have an AMD Turion X2 and dnetc detects it as an unknown cpu.  How
> can I submit it to dnetc?
> Cheers
> Ray
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