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On 16.2.2009 16:50, bert wrote:
> I guess that means I'm going to overclock my card then.....lol
> Impressive numbers SideWinder!

That's probably not advisable, at least unless you have improved 
cooling. Dnetc will load the GPU much harder in terms of total 
utilization over time periods measured in several minutes, than any game 
or benchmark tool for example (excluding stress testers like S&M). So if 
you OC the card enough to cause any visible artifacts in games, it will 
likely screw up the RC5 decryption calculation also (at least run it 
with the "-test" mode command immediately after running normally for a 

Also, expect much reduced electrical life for the card for any serious 
OC without improved cooling and running this application. Running CUDA 
is very different than trying to barely get 3DMark to pass with a higher 
clock and letting it cool between attempts. At least with my current 
card, the equilibrium temps with Dnetc running are much higher than the 
average temp during 3DMark Vantage (stock cooling, which is a two slot 
copper heatpipe HSF). The card is "factory OC'd" by using select 
silicon, faster spec memory and a custom HSF, it is guaranteed (or more 
accurately, was guaranteed) to run anything at the factory default 
clocks, which are higher than nVidia spec for the GPU.

I have ruined a few cards with too aggressive overclocking, even without 
running anything 100% 24/7 over CUDA/Stream.

> Bert
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