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As a side note which may be of interest to other Windows CUDA client 
users who like to run it in addition to a CPU version: I noticed that a 
worry free way of keeping it from affecting work with the machine and 
also saving the trouble of manually restarting it each time when it can 
do its crunching, is to run it with the screensaver launcher.

The only problem with the launcher (dnetc.scr) is that it doesn't 
support passing command line options to the executable or launching 
anything else than real dnetc.exe executables (like a batch file or a 
shortcut with the multiok option).

The solution is to add "dnetc_opt=-multiok=1" as a system wide 
environment variable (System Properties, Advanced, Environment 
Variables, System variables, Variable dnetc_opt, Value -multiok=1).


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