[RC5] submitting new processors

Bob Steward n76lima at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 22 20:58:23 EST 2009

> > you need to open a new bug on the d.net bugzilla with the full output that
> > your client produces at startup... :-)
> > Thorsten

On the heels of that, I have an AMD Phenom quad core that isn't identifying 
the processor, either.  This is the original Phenom, not the new Phenom II 
(on order!).  I guess new processors ship so frequently these days that it 
is hard for the coders to keep up with them all.  For those interested, the 
processor tag is: 7541:5F22 and the microbench reports core #6 GO 2-pipe as 
the optimum.

Bob Steward
Birmingham, AL 

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