[RC5] authenticate smtp for emailing logs

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Thu Jan 29 17:18:00 EST 2009

[ NOTE: i'm sending this again as it seems that it didn't go the first time 
around... maybe i used the wrong account to send from but i think that's been 
fixed now ;) ]

how does one set the options to be able to email the logs via a smtp server that 
_requires_ authentication?

my provider is a spin-off from my original provider and they are forcing us to 
change everything to the new server(s) by May 2009... coupled with this is that 
i'm also changing my clients to use the new email address as my dnet id so that 
i can forward all my previous work to the new id... i need to get this email 
thing working before i can comfortably continue...



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