[RC5] Looking for CUDA advice

Bob Steward n76lima at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 14 23:49:14 EDT 2009

I've run 3 different Nvidia cards with the CUDA drivers and Dnetc client, 
and from the cheapo clone 8000 series I was getting really disappointing 
key rates in the 20,000 per second range.  I nabbed an EVGA brand 9800GT 
with 1 GB RAM and saw serious improvement to an average of around 300,000 
keys per second.  Good stuff.  Had the chance to try a BFG Tech 9800GT with 
same 1 GB RAM, and was disappointed to only see about 2/3 the speed of the 
EVGA with the same RAM and chipset.  The BFG Tech card bounces around 
214,000 keys per second.

All this is on a Windows XP SP3 box with a Phenom II processor (which is 
simultaneously running the client with 4 processors enabled) at an average 
of about 50,000 keys per second.  Turning off the Phenom client(s) seems to 
make no difference to the Nvidia CUDA clients, and running only the Phenom 
II with 4 processors enabled and no Nvidia CUDA doesn't seem to make any 
real difference in the Phenom's keys per second, so I run them both.

Tried the EVGA card on an XP SP3 box with an Athlon dual core 5600, and it 
runs about the same speed as the Phenom platform.

All this to say, I am going to stay away from the BFG Tech line, and look 
for others that perform well.

I have a new motherboard ordered with multiple 16x PCIe slots, and am 
looking to populate it with very high performance cards, as a means to have 
a "stats monster" box.  It will be running another Phenom II CPU.

Looking for others real world numbers for the Quadra series and the various 
GTX cards.  Would like to know your OS, CPU, brand of card, and keys per 
second, etc. so I can compare apples to apples.

Also the current CUDA beta is about to expire, is there going to be another 
beta, or are they going to go live with an official public client?

Thanks for your input,

Bob Steward
Birmingham, AL 

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