[RC5] Looking for CUDA advice

Joseph Kaye jkaye at isd.net
Mon Jun 15 11:27:24 EDT 2009

Hey Bob,

What is the clock rate of the EVGA and the BFG Tech?  Another thing that 
I have found is setting the priority of the client (in the client 
config) to 2 really helps the client "be all that it can be".


Bob Steward wrote:
> I've run 3 different Nvidia cards with the CUDA drivers and Dnetc client, 
> and from the cheapo clone 8000 series I was getting really disappointing 
> key rates in the 20,000 per second range.  I nabbed an EVGA brand 9800GT 
> with 1 GB RAM and saw serious improvement to an average of around 300,000 
> keys per second.  Good stuff.  Had the chance to try a BFG Tech 9800GT with 
> same 1 GB RAM, and was disappointed to only see about 2/3 the speed of the 
> EVGA with the same RAM and chipset.  The BFG Tech card bounces around 
> 214,000 keys per second.
> All this is on a Windows XP SP3 box with a Phenom II processor (which is 
> simultaneously running the client with 4 processors enabled) at an average 
> of about 50,000 keys per second.  Turning off the Phenom client(s) seems to 
> make no difference to the Nvidia CUDA clients, and running only the Phenom 
> II with 4 processors enabled and no Nvidia CUDA doesn't seem to make any 
> real difference in the Phenom's keys per second, so I run them both.
> Tried the EVGA card on an XP SP3 box with an Athlon dual core 5600, and it 
> runs about the same speed as the Phenom platform.
> All this to say, I am going to stay away from the BFG Tech line, and look 
> for others that perform well.
> I have a new motherboard ordered with multiple 16x PCIe slots, and am 
> looking to populate it with very high performance cards, as a means to have 
> a "stats monster" box.  It will be running another Phenom II CPU.
> Looking for others real world numbers for the Quadra series and the various 
> GTX cards.  Would like to know your OS, CPU, brand of card, and keys per 
> second, etc. so I can compare apples to apples.
> Also the current CUDA beta is about to expire, is there going to be another 
> beta, or are they going to go live with an official public client?
> Thanks for your input,
> Bob Steward
> Birmingham, AL 
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