[RC5] CUDA for Windows questions

Roderick Fikel rfikel at yahoo.com
Thu May 7 08:21:51 EDT 2009

Hi Bert,  

You made me curious as to how long I have been running the dnet client.  As far as I can tell 27-Mar-1998 I turned in my first block. I forgot to celebrate my 10 year anniversary. LOL   But the stats I am looking at are the rc5-64 (all) submission history.  I seem to recall being in on the 56 gig though. 

Good lord, cooking cpu's for 10 years.  I wonder how much electricity I have donated to the cause over that time.  

You all have a good one


What video card do you have installed? Have you run the dnetc client 
before? I'd say using the latest nvidia drivers you would probably see a 
difference in your games(your wife would be very happy depending the 
game she plays) in both visual and performance. I'm currently using a 
GTX 260 with the dnetc cuda client and play my games without any trouble 
and get about 18k  stat units a day

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