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As has been talked about previously, a ‘global’ list of all participants across all projects is not available at this time.  Feel free to write it, but keep in mind that it would need to maintain the ‘secret’ of team association, and respect the settings in the database for those teams that want to keep their membership private.  I’m not sure why you would need a global list of all participants across all teams and projects, but that’s the current answer.  The team membership secrecy bit is why sites like Free-DC don’t have complete stats for the d.net projects.


You can get an approximation of what you want by simply ‘starting’ at a team you care about and working outwards from there [that’s what I currently do for the TBR site, for instance].  





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> That said...
> http://cvs.distributed.net/viewvc.cgi/stats-html/
> ...the stats code is open source and if anyone wants to put the time
> in to produce xml format output the contribution would be happily
> accepted and put into production.

And towards that end, anyone running a pproxy should be able to also run
a copy of our stats code. I would encourage anyone who wants to work on
the stats code to tray and set that up.



Jim, please tell me, where I can get daily and overall d.net stats for OGR and RC5 in one file? Badly needed.



wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona



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