[RC5] Missing Blocks - Proxy Down

Joseph Kaye jkaye at isd.net
Tue Nov 3 14:55:01 EST 2009

Darren Clark wrote:
> I've noticed that I've missing a few thousand blocks over the last few 
> days. Looks like proxy 'proxy2.rwc.ca.us" isn't checking in anymore.

And it looks like a couple of others are backed up:

proxy.distributed.net 	Admin 	CheckIn 	Build 	Uptime 	Mkeys/secs 
	cdy 	1.1m 	347 	1.8mo 	7,115.80 	3000077/1176068
	bang 	3.2d 	349 	1.3mo 	58,425.42 	5000133/0
	cdy 	13.2m 	347 	1.8mo 	35,143.20 	3000191/945755

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