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Randall Hose rdjhose at swarh.vic.gov.au
Wed Nov 11 16:31:52 EST 2009

Hi Bert,

FYI, I crunch with a lot of various cards, both Nvidias and ATIs.

A Radeon 4770 (640 processors) runs around 9k blocks per day @ around

A Radeon 4890 (800 processors, faster GPU clock) runs around 13.5k blocks
per day @ around 680Mkeys/sec

An Nvidia 9800GTX (128 processors) runs around 4k blocks per day @ around

An Nvidia 9800GT (112 processors, slower than 9800GTX) runs around 3k blocks
per day @ around 145Mkeys/sec


I think your 260's should be faster than 4k per day - are you using the most
optimal core?


The ATIs seem to be faster simply because they have more processors. On a
per processor basis, the Nvidias are more efficient, it seems.


I would expect the 5870 to be double the 4890 as the 5870 has 1600
processors and runs at a similar clock speed. If you check the bugs section,
a user has reported a 5870 benching at 1.3BKeys/sec




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