[RC5] Historical stats for OGR-26

Stellan Klebom stellan at klebom.se
Wed Jun 2 15:45:08 EDT 2010

Is the historical stats for OGR-26 a forgotten issue?

I'm still interested in seeing the complete results.

Stellan Klebom

>  :: 12-Mar-2009 22:12 GMT (Thursday) Bovine blogged::

>  [...]

>  Additionally, we are aware that the historical stats for OGR-26 are
>  currently not displaying accurate data.  During the enablement of
>  OGR-27 stats, some data archive tables were inadvertently truncated.
>  We will be working on re-loading those historical OGR-26 stats from
>  archive logs over the next week.


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