[RC5] GPU Tasks Not Showing In Stats

Jarod McClintock myself at jlmcclintock.com
Fri Jun 25 22:06:28 EDT 2010

According to GPUZ I'm using driver nvlddmkm ForceWare 197.75,
bios version . How do I know if the test and -stress pass

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Are you using the client with a driver suited for cuda 2.2?
Does -test and -stress pass successfully?

I'd guess the answer to both is no and the client is not returning valid

On Fri, 25 Jun 2010, Jarod McClintock wrote:

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> Subject: [RC5] GPU Tasks Not Showing In Stats
> I've processed over 1,000 stats units with my gigabyte gtx 470 using
> clientdnetc516-win32-x86-cuda22  yet these aren't showing under 
> myself at jlmcclintock.com stats showing are from CPU work only. I've 
> attached my GPU result log & my GPU config file. Please advise where I've
gone wrong.
> Thanks

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