[RC5] dnetc vs Win 7 - install problems

Kevin McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Mon May 10 21:06:30 EDT 2010

I am having problems with workstations that have been upgraded from XP 
to Win7 Professional, 32-bit.. Does anyone know if there are any dnetc 
client issues with this platform?

I am trying to install the client as a service. Normally I install 
manually using the -install parameter in XP, but now dnetc.exe complains 
about access-denied problems and quits. At the time I was logged in as 
domain admin, so I don't think there should be any access issues.

Are there any special INI settings I need to use to force the client to 
store its files somewhere besides the EXE directory? Is the client smart 
enough to store its temp and log files in the app data directory on 
Vista/Win 7?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kevin G. McCoy

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