[RC5] with Stream, all things are possible

Bruce Slade 4x4toyotapu at gmail.com
Wed May 19 12:47:40 EDT 2010

Thank you very much for that url Lars!!  I found it quite interesting.  
Not to get into any braggings or put downs on anything or anyone, after 
subtracting a few things it appears that the dnetc at home boinc effort 
group put out just under twice as much work as everything else for the 
day.  To be honest that really surprised me as I didn't expect it to be 
that high.  The other thing that really surprised me was the percentage 
of the daily results that was completed by gpu's.  That is pretty 
amazing.  Even so though it is still going to take a long long time to 
grind through the project barring a stroke of luck.  I've been crunching 
away at this for years now and I have to chuckle to myself when I think 
back about what my daily output was in the beginning and what it is 
now.  :-)

Lars Sahlmann wrote:
> yes, gpus give a nice boost to the project.
> btw if you want to track detailed yesterday cpu information try this ;)
> http://stats.distributed.net/misc/platformlist.php?project_id=8&view=yco

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