[RC5] Stream client communicating with a personal proxy

John Braley john_braley at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 4 03:45:40 EDT 2011

The Personal Proxy has a limit of 1000 rc5 blocks it will download, but the stream client asks for them in different chunks than a single unit cpu client. When empty my stream client will attempt to fill its cache (60 units of idifferent iterations) and well the proxy only has 1000. This causes my stream client to barf and sometimes crash the Ati driver. I've even had it corrupt the buff-in.r72 on numerous occaisions to the point where the only way to get it to run is to delete the buff-in and let it re-download more.

The client functions fine when connecting to any v29.xxx fullserver as it can grab all that it needs.

Is there anyway to force either the client to grab less, or to make the personal proxy grab more than 1000 from the fullserver? My 5850 will grab in excess of 3000 when it is empty. It is barely 1.5 hours of work.

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