[RC5] cudart32_31_9.dll missing error

Warut Roonguthai warut822 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 15:32:32 EDT 2011

I've tried to run the CUDA client on my notebook, but I always got:

"The program can't start because cudart32_31_9.dll is missing from your computer ..."

I'm quite sure that my computer has the latest CUDA driver installed, but there are no cudart* files. Searching the Internet, I found similar problems mentioned in other CUDA projects. If I understand correctly, most of the problems arose from the fact that the clients were not created with the latest CUDA SDK.

FYI, my computer is Acer Aspire 4750G (Core i5-2410M) with 64-bit Windows 7. The graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 540M with driver version My client is v2.9109.518 (the latest).

Any suggestions?


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