[RC5] cudart32_31_9.dll missing error

Warut Roonguthai warut822 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 21:06:34 EDT 2011

Thanks for the reply. I may try your solution if there is no simpler one.
(I know nothing about CUDA SDK.) 
I still hope that a newer client will solve this problem automatically.
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Hi Warut

Download nVidia CUDA 3.1 SDK from nvidia.com and get that DLL from
there. This is how I fixed mine.

Better solution though would be replacing your nVidia with a cheapo
AMD 5850 or even 5870 GPU - a) no extra DLLs needed b) keyrate is like
10 times faster than with CUDA. nVidia GPUs are a waste of money with
regard to RC5-72 (and gaming too).

Good luck anyway.

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