[RC5] Fetch via email

steven_nikkel at ertyu.org steven_nikkel at ertyu.org
Mon Apr 18 16:11:43 EDT 2011

Did you resubmit your request? A bunch of the backlog was pruned to clear
out the issues.

> I've tried Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and my ISP's emails, and none of them are
> getting blocks from fetch at distributed.net.
> So that must be some backlog!
> ______________________________________________There was a large backlog of
> mail queuing up on the machine which delayed message delivery. It should
> be improved now unless you are using google.
> On 2011-04-13, at 8:55 AM, Oleg Protasov wrote:
> Is the fetching of blocks via email on the fritz?
> I've sent in several requests for OGR blocks, and I don't seem to be
> getting any response.
> Just curious, since I can't connect via the client on the network I'm on
> during the day.

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