[RC5] DNETC is not backing down with CST needs processing power

Kevin G. McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Wed Feb 23 21:52:18 EST 2011

On 2/23/2011 5:59 PM, Philippe Faure wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a large server (24 logical CPU's) that can run DNETC, but for
> some reason when an application is started by someone else, DNETC
> doesn't recognize this, and doesn't relinquish the CPU processing time.
> The software is called CST (http://www.cst.com/).  I was wondering if
> someone else has come across this issue?
> Since the user running CST and the DNETC user are not the same, I
> can't check from processes manually.  This is happening on an Windows
> Server 2008 R2.
> For now, I have backed off the user of all CPU, but this is a
> sub-optimal solution.  If someone else has come across this issue, I
> would like to know how they solved it.

I used to work for HP/EEsof, so I am familiar with microwave RF design 
and circuitry simulation software.

Is CST a .NET product?

I have noticed that .NET apps hang-crash-act weird-run slow when run on 
the same machine as DNETC.  I suspect that .NET memory garbage 
collection runs at idle priority and since DNETC is always on, garbage 
collection never occurs. Eventually the .NET app dies.

You can sometimes play games with processor affinity to force the .NET 
app to use certain core(s) or CPU(s) and force DNETC to use different 
core(s)/CPU(s).  That way everybody plays nice on the same hardware.  
This is not an optimal solution for DNET, but sometimes it is the only 
way to get it to work.

You may have troubles with CST if it uses all the cores or CPUs during 
heavy simulation calculations.

Best regards,

Kevin G. McCoy

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