[RC5] DNetc on a Radeon 7770

jp68 jp68 at clearwire.net
Thu Aug 16 13:54:47 EDT 2012

No, 7770's not working.  May be some time too as from reading a bit 
there appears to be an incompatibility in the new chip format and 
software requirements...  I bought a 7770, but ended up taking it back 
and just staying with some 6770's.  At least the heat off them isn't 
like the 6870's, but of course the output isn't either lol.

On 8/15/2012 5:04 PM, Joseph Kaye wrote:
> Has anyone gotten the stream client to work correctly on the 7770
> cards?   I see this open bug, and I'm not sure if I should upgrade from
> my 6850 to a pair of 7770's now, or just wait.
> http://bugs.distributed.net/show_bug.cgi?id=4471

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