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Do you remember when they said it would take that long to crack an RC5-56

Paul makes a valid point, but I hope that nobody folds their tents in the
hope of saving the environment.

Power consumption for the project probably reached its zenith when the user
population used primarily Pentium 4 systems. Core 2 based (and the newer
Core i series) are far more power efficient even at full load.

There are other developments to consider. Many utility firms now generate
electricity using renewable sources. In my own corner, we have 3 kW coming
from solar panels on the roof (and they say it rains every day in London...)

I'm just glad you're all here.

On Jul 3, 2012 7:37 AM, "Nils" <nils at psyma.com> wrote:

> On 03.07.2012 07:14, waldo kitty wrote:
> > it is going to be done, one way or the other... by us or by some gov't
> > entity... US or otherwise...
> Err, no. Nobody else than us is working on this contest and pretty
> surely no one is going to start. RSA has canceled it years ago.
> This is about cracking a SINGLE RC5-72 key, you know? It doesn't give
> any significant insight in cracking RC5 in whole other than what effort
> it takes to brute force ONE KEY. Imho, the effort should've stopped or
> been suspended once it became clear that we'd require more than 10 years
> (a lot!) to do it unless some serious advance could be made on the
> approach.
> Just my .02
> Nils
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