[RC5] power consumption

Relkin, Paul pwrelkin at mail.roanoke.edu
Tue Jul 3 20:41:48 EDT 2012

I underestimated the amount we can save since there are actually a lot more than 200 computers running distributed.net. We can probably save over a million dollars. If Moore's law doesn't continue we will reach 100% in 200 years, so it's not a big deal to pause for 7 years. If Moore's law does continue, all power used before 2020 will be completely wasted because it will not affect the completion date at all. We should be working on projects that can make substantial progress with our current technology.

The goal of the RC5 contest was to gain insight into the effort required to crack RC5 encryption. Perhaps this is something we can learn. We could have cracked RC5-72 from 2020-2025. Instead we will crack it from 2002-2025 at 4 times the cost. Maybe we can wait until significant progress is possible before we crack RC5-80, RC5-88, RC5-96, RC5-104, RC5-112, RC5-120 and RC5-128.
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