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Sérgio Ribeiro Sergio.Ribeiro at i2s.pt
Wed Jul 18 03:57:31 EDT 2012



And will this fix the flush by email functionality?

It seems that the flush OGR-27 isn’t working since February!


I fetch/flush by email and I have no problems with RC5-72 blocks.

But I've checked my Work Unit Submission History for OGR and RC5, and I suspect that something is wrong with OGR-27 flush as I have no submission after 26/Jan. And I know I've submitted on February and after.

I've searched my mail archives and found some of my flushing for OGR-27 and they are all like the following:


Flush completed with output.  The results are shown at the bottom of this message.




dnetc v2.9103-509-CTR-09020605 for FreeBSD (FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p6).


[Jun 19 08:21:01 UTC] The keyserver says: "Welcome to Downunder!"

[Jun 19 08:21:01 UTC] Retrieved project state data from server. (cached)




I don't see any error, but it doesn’t show the number of units flushed...




Sérgio Ribeiro.






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We're working on getting the email fetch/flusher back online soon.  The server where it was hosted had a hardware failure.


On Jul 18, 2012 1:21 AM, "Oleg Protasov" <protasov at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I've attempted to fetch some blocks via email, both from a Yahoo account and a Gmail account, with no success. I never get blocks sent back, in fact, I never hear back at all. 
> Just letting you know.
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