[RC5] dnetc on the Raspberry Pi

Mike Reed mikereedwt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 16:26:42 EDT 2012

Hi Paul,

Development tools for VideoCore are only available from Broadcom under NDA. :/

Perhaps someone better placed than I can tell if we are able to port
our GPU code to OpenGL.


On 17 June 2012 11:38,  <repton at repton.org> wrote:

> Morning all,

> Has anyone else tried the d.net client on a Raspberry Pi? For those who
> don't know what one of those is, it is a credit card sized ARM based linux
> box that you can get for under 30quid delivered here in the UK. It has a
> 700MHz ARM CPU, 256MB of RAM, 2 USB ports, 10/100 ethernet and HMDI
> graphics and uses an SD card for storage.

> Anyway, I've put dnetc on it and it's happily crunching away at the rc5-72
> project at around 770kkeys/s. Nothing special in terms of keyrate but it
> wasn't really designed for performance.

> One interesting point to note is that from what I've read the RasPi has a
> very powerful GPU on it and I was wondering if someone a lot brighter than
> me has considered doing an rc5 core for it that makes full use of the GPU?

> Paul

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