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It seems important so here it is again

Dig the chip synchronicity


Look if you take powers of 2 and sum the digits in them it says

1 2 4 8 7 5 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 2

The 487 is a math chip on earth. But if you subtract the low digit from the
high one for the two-digit numbers -and- extend the rule -arbitrarily- for
the three-and-more-digit powers of two, you can print,

1 2 4 8 5 1 2 5 1 2 5 1 2

Without saying 4 8 7 at all. Not only does it say "512", one of the first
three-digit powers of 2, one digit sooner than the summing-only way, all
the digits that said 487, the chip we have on earth, with ten fingers and
base ten, what, hold on, in-between the 512's, the powers of 2 summing to
print 487 over and over all say 512 in sequence instead or can. The rule
where you subtract the low from the high digit only works on 16 32 and 64.
For like 128 it's just you -could- say (8-2)-1 and get 5. You could also
get 6 or 7. But for 256 you can say (2+5)-6 and get 1. You can keep
printing 512 if you want one of the first powers of two you can't represent
uniquely or sort of at all that way

If you just use sums of digits it goes 487512 over and over, one of the
first powers of 2 you can't represent uniquely in base 10 that way, 512,
which sums to 8 which you'd have already used, and the 487 a math chip on
earth so

Oh no try this in other bases

http://arbornet.org/~flamoot/telepathic-critterdrug.html links all the toys

Messages in math are older than messages in language

I think reality, might be a simulation

Cheers flam
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