[RC5] opencl issues

Joseph Kaye jkaye at isd.net
Tue Nov 27 16:09:46 EST 2012

On 11/26/2012 11:15 AM, Bruce Slade wrote:
> Evidently there is something I'm not understanding in the installation 
> of the very recent amd drivers for the amd 7770 video card on both 
> winXP and win7.  The driver package lists it containing openCL, yet 
> when the driver is installed, along with the openCL client for rc5, I 
> get an error message saying that there is no opencl stuff present.   
> To elaborate more, the stuff works fine with the amd/ati 6xxx video 
> cards on XP and win7 using the distributed.net openCL client with the 
> amd/ati drivers in the 11.5 to 11.9 range.  Those drivers installed in 
> the "ati" directory.  In the amd drivers 12.x versions, they started 
> installing in an "amd" directory and I have had no luck getting any 
> v12.x amd drivers to work with either the opencl or the stream clients 
> for distributed.net, even though the downloaded drivers from the amd 
> site specify that openCL is a component of the driver download 
> package.  So......................  what am I not getting here????

I noticed that too on my HD4870x2 and HD6850 under Win XP so I am 
running Catalyst 11.something and the stream client.

My Win7 workstation works fine with a pair of HD5450's and Catalyst 12.8.

I have not played with OpenCL yet on my Win7 box that has the 6870's in 
them and Catalyst 12.8.


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