[RC5] OpenCL on Intel HD4000?

Andre Schmitz Ryo.Ohki at gmx.de
Mon Oct 8 00:41:16 EDT 2012

Hi Mike, 

no i didnt try an other OpenCL-App or to say it with other words i dont know any other App supporting OpenCL on a HD4000. 

Additional i have to say that this isnt my device. I asked in the german DC-Community rechenkraft.net if someone could try RC5 on an Ivy-Bridge GPU. Just for me to make my decision if i buy a new CPU or not. 

After several useres reportet Error Code -11 to me i mailed it to this list. 

But if you could make me a suggestion for another free OpenCL-App to test the HD4000 with i will ask there to do that. 


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