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I keep hoping that somebody will figure out how to do OGR on a graphics
chip. I like the scientific projects (World Community Grid etc.) but I hate
hearing my CPU's fan go at full speed!


On Oct 13, 2012 3:50 AM, "Philippe Faure" <philippe at faure.ca> wrote:

> We have completed 2.5% in 10 years.
> What are we going to learn when we have actually cracked this code?
> That using brute force may keep data safe for 10 or more years.  But
> what would have happened if it was the second key tried, or the last
> one? It is just the luck of the draw of when we find the correct key.
> Previous tests were useful.  They provided reasonable benchmark of how
> safe a encryption key is, but since most if not all website, banking,
> etc use 128 bit, testing a low 72 and finding that it will take more
> than 200+ years to try every key is a little far fetches.
> I would like to suggest that more emphasis be put onto  Golomb rulers,
> or helping out the ... at home setup which all have scientific benefits.
> Well at least those are my two cents worth.
> Philippe
> P.S., I am already putting most of my eggs into the Golomb basket, for
> those of you who are wondering.
> Quoting bert <bertodell at suddenlink.net>:
> > Looks like in a couple of months time RC5-72 will hit the 10 year mark
> > with probably 200 or so more years to go before we might see the end of
> > the project(I seriously doubt a winner is gonna be found in our
> lifetime).
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