[RC5] work unit rotation

jp68 jp68 at clearwire.net
Wed Sep 5 11:38:17 EDT 2012

I have a couple systems that I sneaker net using a usb scandisk to 
exchange the work units.  And the new work units to a system are added 
to the buff-in file using the -import function.  In the past I have 
added different sized work units to the buffer file, and have noticed 
that the dnetc client first chooses any partially crunched units and 
completes those before starting on wholly uncrunched units.  I've also 
noticed that if different sized work units are added to the buff-in 
file, that the dnetc client will start crunching the smaller units (like 
a 16 stats unit work unit before a 32 stats unit work unit) and work up 
to completing the largest stats unit work units last.  What I'm 
wondering is if there is any work unit date/age selection involved so 
that the oldest work units in the buff-in file would be completed before 
newer ones were??

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