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The logic we use selects the oldest first. Don't worry about the rotation;
spaces get re-issued eventually. The space for rc5-72 is very big, so we'll
be doing this for a while yet.

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On Sep 5, 2012 4:38 PM, "jp68" <jp68 at clearwire.net> wrote:

> I have a couple systems that I sneaker net using a usb scandisk to
> exchange the work units.  And the new work units to a system are added
> to the buff-in file using the -import function.  In the past I have
> added different sized work units to the buffer file, and have noticed
> that the dnetc client first chooses any partially crunched units and
> completes those before starting on wholly uncrunched units.  I've also
> noticed that if different sized work units are added to the buff-in
> file, that the dnetc client will start crunching the smaller units (like
> a 16 stats unit work unit before a 32 stats unit work unit) and work up
> to completing the largest stats unit work units last.  What I'm
> wondering is if there is any work unit date/age selection involved so
> that the oldest work units in the buff-in file would be completed before
> newer ones were??
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