[RC5] Igive

Mike Reed mikereedwt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 11:35:35 EDT 2012


As you know, we're always on the look-out for new ways to raise a
little money. We've used iGive successfully in the past, and they've
helped us to raise over $20,000.

Right now, they're running a sweepstake via a browser extension called
'Dog Days'. The prize pool is about $5,700 right now, but grows as
people install the extension.

They are affiliated with many online stores. The neat thing about the
extension (which is installed as a button on the toolbar) is it
recognises if you are surfing at one of their affiliate stores and
automatically tracks you to pass us a donation. If you do lots of
online shopping, you can help us with no extra effort, just by
installing the button.

Here's the link to try the button: http://www.igive.com/R8-hTBk (it's
a referrer, but I only learn your email and when you joined.)

We appreciate your support!



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