[RC5] HD6670 support and FirePro V5900

Rafal Bujnowski bujnowsk at wp.pl
Wed Apr 17 16:09:24 EDT 2013

Hi Mike and The List,

No, there is only Windows x86/OpenCL version. My all hosts run Linux and 
for Linux there are only:
- AMD64/Stream (v2.9110.519)
- x86/Stream (v2.9109.518)

What is the difference between Stream and OpenCL version? Did I miss 
something? :)

And I found something else - I have a FirePro V5900 card in Dell T3600. 
When I tried to run dnetc-stream I got message that client did not found 
usable card/chip. It said that there was only HD2900 but it looks that 
HD2900 isn't supported. On AMD site there is an information that V5900 
supports Stream/OpenCL. So? Did you found same problems with that card? 
Is it possible to run dnetc on V5900?

Kind regards,

On 04/17/2013 12:28 AM, Mike Reed wrote:
> Hi Rafal,
> Have you tried running the OpenCL version of the client on the
> pre-release page? http://www.distributed.net/Download_prerelease
> Kind regards,
> Mike
> On 16 April 2013 23:07, Rafal Bujnowski <bujnowsk at wp.pl
> <mailto:bujnowsk at wp.pl>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Has anybody here tried (with success) to run a dnetc on Radeon 6670? I
>     know, there are so many ATI/AMD cards faster than 6670 :)
>     I found only that Moo Wrapper (so classic dnetc also) does not run on
>     HD6670 and HD6570.
>     Regards,
>     Rafal
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