[RC5] how to install client on kubuntu precise

Roman Trunov proxyma at tula.net
Tue Dec 3 01:56:03 EST 2013

waldo kitty wrote:

> ok, that's actually expected... so we'll try it with sudo...

Yes, it must be run with sudo.

> user at machine:~/distributed.net$ sudo ./dnetc -install
> dnetc: Unable to obtain canonical path to executable.

sudo was changed some time ago. don't know is it ubuntu-specific change 
or global, but now by default it blocks access to some information 
required by client. I had same problem. You must use some sudo switch.

I think you must use "sudo -E .....". (if I'm wrong, just "man sudo" and 
look for suspicious options which could "allow" or "pass" something).

After installation, don't forget to check created script and verify all 
pathnames. Also I prefer to run client "su"'ed to my user account 
(otherwise you'll could have problems with files created with root-only 
permissions in your home directory).

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