[RC5] Opterons that have the lzcnt feature

Joseph Kaye jkaye at isd.net
Fri Feb 1 16:51:45 EST 2013

Is there any way to tell which AMD Opterons have the lzcnt feature?


I have a couple of 4 socket Tyan s4985g3nr motherboards that currently 
have Opteron 8216's in them.  I can only upgrade to these models of the 

8346HE, 8347, 8347HE, 8350, 8350HE 8354, 8356, 8358SE, 8360SE 

Where can I find out if any of these models support lzcnt?

According to Wikipedia, the Barcelona architecture has lzcnt. According 
to Tyan, those models listed above are Barcelona's.

I just can't seem to find anything that says "These CPU models support 

Thanks in advance!

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