[RC5] OpenCL and Stream clients on latest Catalyst drivers

Daniel Andrea II ka0mvk at arrl.net
Sun Jan 27 00:16:12 EST 2013

I just updated to the Catalyst 13.1 drivers for my Radeon 7770, which
had a surprising side-affect.  The OpenCL client which I've been
running for a few months now would no longer work.  About when it
would be starting up the core (either to micro-bench to determine
which to run or if forced to use a core for regular operations), it
would cause it to crash and be caught by Windows.  Just for laughs, I
tried the 519 Stream client, and it now works flawlessly!

Looking at the log files, it seems the 520 OpenCL client crashes right
when it starts the cruncher.

For reference, I'm running this on Windows 7 64bit, CPU is a Phenom II
X3 720BE, overclocked to 3.0 GHz.  The video card is a MSI Radeon HD
7770 with 1 GB RAM.

Not sure if it's bugs in the clients or bugs in the driver, but
thought everyone should know if they haven't seen it already.

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