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Jeff thanks so much for all this information. I have a couple of question that is slightly off topic from this. Sometime ago maybe a couple of years there used to be a great showing our how much this project had sped up. I haven't been able to find the graph for quite some time. Has this information been removed from http://www1.distributed.net/Main_Page ?


How much of a speed increase has the Boinc projects like Moo! Wrapper for the RC5 – 72 project & yoyo at home for ORG – 27 had on the overall progress of these projects?







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For RC5-72, the keymaster divides the entire keyspace into 4096 "keyspaces" that each represent 2^28 "blocks" (each  block is 2^32 keys).  There are basically three states that the keymaster can have for a keyspace: unavailable, available, current.


For current keyspaces, this means we must track which blocks we have distributed and which ones have been completed, which means 64MB of disk space each (only 2 bits per block).  Generally we only have 5-10 current keyspaces at any time.


For available keyspaces, we can accept results for them but we won't attempt to distribute any more work from these keyspaces, because we've already made one distribution pass.  These keyspaces each take only 32MB of disk space (1 bit per block).  At this moment there are about 115 keyspaces in this state.  For all 4096 keyspaces in this state, the keymaster will need 128GB of diskspace.


For unavailable, no storage space is consumed and this represents any keyspace that we have not worked on yet. 


We also record log files of all activity completed, which is the bulk of the disk usage.  For RC5-72, that currently grows at about 25MB compressed per day.  We are currently operating on a 50GB partition on a server that we have been running on continuously as the keymaster for almost 12 years, though we are hoping to migrate to a newer machine with a couple of new 1TB drives in the next few weeks.  The newer machine should greatly reduce the amount of data shuffling that we must do operationally.





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Out of complete interest I was wondering how all of the completed keys are
stored. How big is the storage capacity, are the returned results smaller
than the work units are when you sent out and how much does the result
storage amount grow by each day or shrink depending on what way you look at

Have a nice weekend


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