[RC5] [Fwd: Old OGR-27 bug]

Roman Trunov proxyma at tula.net
Thu Jan 31 04:01:33 EST 2013

rreid at sunset.net wrote:

> In light of the message below from 2011-04-11, will we need to revisit
> stub spaces 1 through 3 with later clients to be sure all stubs are
> processed, or does the mentioned bug only affect stubspace 4?

This bug affects OGR-27 and above, all stubspaces. Keymaster already 
knows how to avoid this bug on stubspace 4 (and upcoming OGR-28) and 
handles this automatically. Unfortunately, the bug was fixed when 
stubspaces 1-3 has already been completed. So revisit still could be 
necessary. Chances of bug to appear are very low, but we must be sure 
that we didn't missed something.

We'll need more pass. I think it could be done close to the end of 
OGR-27, to use as much as possible updated clients. It could even be 
mixed with OGR-28. Anyway, with current rates it should not take more 
then couple of weeks.


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