[RC5] ATI graphics card 7970

Hideki Kadomura hideki at kadomura.jp
Thu Sep 12 07:28:06 EDT 2013

Hi, Jarod

1Mkeys/sec.*24hours long becomes 2wu.
So your machine, 524Mkeys/sec. becomes about 1048wu.
3Gkeys/sec. becomes 60K wu.

On H.25/09/12, at 午後3:48, "Jarod McClintock" <myself at jlmcclintock.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wondering could somebody tell me how many blocks on average are returned per hour/day with a 7970. I'm aware they can return between 3 and 3.6 GK keys a second I did not sure how many keys are in a GK the reason why asking is because if a GK is 1000 my current Nvidia card returns around 523.9 7 million keys a second
> Thanks
Hideki Kadomura
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