[RC5] Personal proxy not honoring buffer size settings

Christer Jacobsson cribo.jacobsson at gaea.se
Sat Mar 15 22:02:47 EDT 2014

Roman Trunov wrote:
> Kevin G. McCoy wrote:

As Salaam Aleikum!

Sorry for jumping into this discussion, but as the docs for the OS/2 
dnetc client, you are the person that's responsible for it's development 
and the current version is:

dnetc v2.9109-518-CTR-10122102 for OS/2.

which I run here on my computer.

In the Config->Performance related options->3 Priority level one can 
select the priority level dnetc should run with. If priority 0 is 
selected, dnetc will run at Class=idle, delta=0 but if priority 1 is 
chosen it will run at Class=Idle, delta=9. which is annoying when I also 
runs the seti at home for os2 client here and it's priority is Class=Idle, 
delta=1. Setting dnetc to prio=0 would cause seti at home to soak up nearly 
all idle CPU cycles, leaving dnetc very little idle cycles to work with. 
On the other hand, setting dnetc:s Priority to 1 would result in being 
run in Class=Idle, delta=9 meaning that seti at home would got very few 
idle cycles.

So when you release the next version of dnetc for os/2, I have a small 
suggestion: let the Priority setting 0-9 correspond to delta 0-9: for 
example if I was to configure the new version with a priority setting of 
1, the dnetc client would run at class=idle, delta=1. As it is now, I 
have to use an external utility to set the dnetc client to delta=1, the 
same delta that seti at home uses so these two number-crunchers shares the 
idle cycles between them.

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