[RC5] ATI R 9 series statistics

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I get 4.3 Gkeys / sec on a standard (no overclocking) R9 290X card. I
wouldn't say it is quieter or cooler, though. 

If you go with a R9 295x2 .. you will get around 8 Gkeys/s and it runs
extremely quietly (thanks to its closed-loop liquid cooling).


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On Nov 17, 2014, at 12:36 AM, Jarod McClintock <myself at jlmcclintock.com>

Hi All,


I am interested to see (read) whether or not anybody has got any of the ATI
R 9 290 X tri-X overclocked series card (S) running I would be interested to
see what the key rate as per second. Mainly can they achieve more than a
7970 3,084.77 Mkeys/s. It doesn't have to be that card particularly but the
above card is the card I am looking at getting. I would only do this if it
was significantly faster than my 7970 I may also consider it if the fans are
quieter than the 7970


Thanks for any information





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